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Get access to a content management system in the form of an Airtable dashboard. You can create a new page in seconds and control content with ease.

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Manually crafted dynamic landing pages for your needs

Just tell us what kind of webpages you are looking for and it will be done specifically for your request. You will receive an easy control over the content in a form of table.


Essential features for a modern website included

Dynamic content

Copy and images in your full control

Dynamic logic

Rules that affect page's structure


Transition screens, lead forms, pop-ups, etc.


Take free domain or provide yours


Full optimization - from meta tags, to page load speed


Template gallery available for selection

Get pages that convert

Start with any template modified specifically for your needs

How it works


Submit the form to receive pricing for your project

Provide a summary of the features and structure you are looking for. This will help us to ask you the right questions when we will contact you.After we gather all your requirements you will receive a pricing for your project.

Review the templates and provide feedback

After we complete your project we will provide you the result. Timing depends on the project complexity but usually it takes from 1 to 2 days.If you have any comments and edits we will happily take them all into account.

Pay and receive the control over the project

If templates satisfy your requirements we will provide you the full control over the page creation and content management.We will provide an explanation to the management tool (which is really easy, but just in case).

Why tabbbled

Agency or Freelancer

For complex sites with detailed structure

High price

You have to find and select the right contractor

Everything is done by professionals for you

No platform limitation

Time-consuming to manage many pages


For managing dozens of pages created for you

Low price

No technical experience is required

Everything is done by professionals for you

No platform limitation

The easiest and fastest way to manage dozens of pages

Landing page builder

For managing several pages created by yourself

Low price

No technical experience is required

You have to do everything on your own

Your functionality is limited by the platform

Time-consuming to manage many pages

Perfect solution to your specific problem

Easy to use

You don't need any technical skills to manage your pages

Adjusted to your needs

Specify your requirements, and receive everything you need

No overpays

Pay only for the features you will use and nothing more

Scale in one click

Spend minutes to create and modify hundreds of pages

Connect any tool

Integrate all the services you use: analytics, widgets, plugins, etc.

Simple A/B-testing

Conduct quick testing of pages with different content


Don't overpay for excessive functionality. Discover the cost for your needs by filling out the contact form.



for 100 pages



for each additional 500 pages


Optional one-time paymentsCustom template creation:

from $20

Modification of existing template:

from $10

First custom domain connection:


For each additional domain:


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Frequently Asked Questions

The project is done according to the customer's requirements. But even if you do not know the detailed requirements - it's not a problem. Just contact us and we'll help you decide what is necessary for your project.

First of all, we need to determine the structure of the page. You can describe it in words, provide a layout or just show an example.

Next, we'll discuss what kind of content you want to control and what kind of logic will be implemented on the page. For example, "if a product doesn't have free shipping, then hide the corresponding section" or "if the user has the IP of that country, then show them that price". All scenarios are possible and depend only on your needs.

You can also indicate the services to be connected to the pages: analytics, widgets, email services, and so on.

Based on these steps, we will prepare you an estimate of a one-time payment to start the project. After agreeing on the price, we will prepare templates, a table for controlling the content and connect everything you need. 

If you have no comments or edits, you will get control of the project. Only after that you will pay for the service.

There are no restrictions on what services can be connected to your pages. 

You don't have to connect anything yourself - just specify what you need and provide the necessary access to your services.

All of the content management for your project will be done inside an Airtable created especially for you. If you're not familiar with Airtable, it's a similar application to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, but more convenient for content management.

Usually, the page control is structured in such a way that each column is responsible for some part of the content (text, images, rules), and each row is a new page. This allows you to quickly create dozens of rows and easily change only the necessary parameters for each page.

Each project gets the domain vercel.app (your-project.vercel.app) and the option to connect your domain for free. 

In addition, we can connect any number of domains for your project with different logics of their application. For example, all connected domains can display the same pages according to a common template from a single content control table. Then each page you create will be displayed on all domains at once.

Also, different domains can have different templates and/or different content tables. It all depends on your needs only.

If you can't find an answer to your question, write a message to our Telegram or to support@tabbbled.com